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I sent my 6 month Border Collie /Aussie puppy for the 3 week Board & Train and it far exceeded my expectations. My pup was going through adolescence which included chewing, digging holes, pushing boundaries and uncontrollable energy. He had extreme crate anxiety and couldn’t be left in a room without doing serious damage. I had attended a puppy training class which covered basic commands but left me feeling helpless and overwhelmed. I was desperate when I reached out to Jevry and decided to take the plunge. We were paired with Sami and from the moment we arrived I knew we were in good hands with her confidence and hopeful attitude. She was wearing a ball cap that says “there are no bad dogs” which put me at ease as I had been fighting a deep fear that maybe my pup was just a “bad egg” given he was a rescue and situation had only gotten worse since adoption. Sami reassured me that they try every tool and technique until something works. She sent daily updates and videos of my pup’s progress and explained what was working and why. After coming home, the difference in him is unbelievable!! I didn’t know what to expect going in because I was all but out of hope, but I am beyond happy with the outcome. His behavior has dramatically improved and he seems much happier than before. When I told Sami that I didn’t recognize my dog, she said not to worry he is the same dog I dropped off but just has better tools of communication. The training and support we received from K9 and team has been life changing for me and my pup. The only regret I have is not working with them sooner! My pup and I have a lifelong road ahead of learning to communicate better and practicing healthy habits but we now have a solid baseline for communication, expectations and framework to build on. -Laura C. | Coyote’s Owner

Our 2 year-old formerly wild child golden retriever Yeti completed his 3 week board and train with trainer Sami 5 weeks ago. We were SO thrilled with his progress that we booked our 11 year-old golden Komodo for a 4 session training program with Sami to teach him the same obedience, basic manners, loose-leash, and recall skills. I’m excited to report that Komodo graduated with flying colors yesterday and we also learned so much in the process!

Thanks to Sami and K9 Command’s balanced training, David and I learned the skills needed to effectively train our dogs and help them live their best lives! Yeti used to bark at everything. People, dogs, animals on tv, and more. His lunging and barking would scare people away, including our extended families. Komodo also started picking up Yeti’s bad habits – not listening, leash tugging, and excessive barking. Nothing was working, and we became really limited in where we could go with the dogs and who we could be with.

We’ve seriously done more together in these past few weeks since Yeti and Komodo’s training than we have in all of Yeti’s life! Now we take the dogs to restaurants and shops, our soccer games, hikes, paddle boarding, family events, and more! Our 6 year-old nephew used to be afraid of Yeti and all dogs in general. Today we brought the dogs to his birthday party, and he kept saying over and over “Yeti’s so well trained!” He even enjoyed playing fetch with him and petting them both while they calmly sat in a room filled with tons of kids and activity! I can’t tell you how many times people came up to us saying what “good boys” the dogs were as well. 🙂

Sami, you are an incredible trainer and thank you, thank you, thank you, for truly changing our lives! We are so grateful! -Sara D. | Yeti & Komodo’s Owner

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE FOLKS!!! My trainer, Sami, did a fantastic job!!! I rescued my dog, Murphy 2yrs ago. I realized a year ago that I needed help. I tried other options and had no success. It started to be very challenging to walk Murphy as he lunged after other dogs and put both of us in danger several times. I started to dread walking him. I was running out of options, but I refused to give up on him.

In early January, I saw an ad on Facebook for K9 Command, read about their philosophy and training options, and I contacted them. After listening to me describe what I was struggling with, they walked me through all their options, and I chose the 3-week board and train option.

The trainer gave me regular updates, sent me videos of his progress, and checked in with me halfway through the process to provide in-depth details of Murphy’s progress, address any of my questions, and make arrangements for the drop off point at the end of his training. My trainer, Sami, came to my house to cover everything she taught him, and we even took Murphy out for a walk so she could demonstrate the commands she taught him.

Here we are, 2 weeks later, and I am beyond thrilled with the training she provided!! Murphy is a much happier dog who listens well and is much more respectful. The training really has changed my relationship with Murphy for the better as he is so much more fun to walk now. I have had great success maintaining the discipline and training structure they established, and I am so pleased! I highly recommend them!! -Dan W. | Murphy’s Owner

It’s been a few days since our dog came home after a 3 week board-and-train with trainer Sami. He’s the same sweet and fun loving boy but the behavior changes are amazing!!! He used to need constant supervision when not in a kennel, would get bored easily and start chewing on things, pull the leash and resource guard garbage he’d manage to pick up from the street.

Now, he chills at my feet while I work, walks beautifully on the leash and watches patiently while the cats are running around without trying to enter the party. It’s easier than before to sneak in quick training or play sessions thoughout the day, because he’ll just settle right back when we tell him to.

We’ve had such a great experience with Sami and K9Command and they will definitely be our first call for any future training or boarding needs. -Helga G. | Pluto’s Owner

If you are even THINKING about training alternatives for your challenging pup, stop now and do it!!!! My family rescued a sweet 5-year old French bulldog (Frida) one year ago after losing our 14-year old Pug. While it was the best decision ever — she is the BEST with people, and loves/snuggles all day long it also felt like the worst decision ever — she turned into Stephen King’s Cujo whenever she saw another dog. Waiting inside the car at the stoplight, with other dogs next to us at home (through fences), or the DREADED walk (omg). Frida would lunge and attempt to bite any dog that came her way. I was at a loss for what to do next, having zero experience with this kind of behavior issue. Clearly she had been ‘through some things’ prior to us rescuing her.

I found K9 Command randomly through Instagram, as I was searching for answers and alternatives. I reached out with an inquiry about the K9 Command Board and Train program — they answered immediately. I filled out an extensive (which is exactly what you want — it’s my baby) questionnaire/form, and after multiple phone calls and emails, I knew I had found the right place to help us.

Sami was a Godsend — while it was really hard to drop her off for 4 weeks (!), I knew the minute I met her that I had made the right decision. Sami kept in contact throughout the entire time through Instagram and texts — I could see Frida’s behavior improving in real time, each day! Her warmth and caring nature combined with obvious knowledge/skills around dog training was top notch.

Frida’s arrival back home was amazing — Sami spent over two hours working with us/Frida on the ‘new normal’ — and let me tell you, it’s life changing! After the tutorial, we attempted to take on the new routine (I found out quickly that I had a LOT to learn!) and it’s been incredible. It takes work each/every day, but it is SO worth it. Frida is happy as a full-fledged member of our pack, the barking/crazy behavior has all but ceased, we’re no longer pulling our hair out and could not be happier. You will not regret this decision!! Highly recommend. -Mikki E. | Frida’s Owner

I’ve worked with Sami for over 3 years now it and it’s been amazing to watch her grow as a trainer! Sami is dedicated to training dogs and learning about what works best for them. She approaches each dog differently and works hard with them on training and behavior modification if they need it. Sami has boarded and walked my tough Doberman mix and does so with ease. I trust her to treat my boy just as she does her own pets. She maintains structure and ensures he knows the rules. She has worked with him to be neutral around cats! Sami is also very knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions or help troubleshoot issues I have with my dog or foster dogs. While she is already very knowledgeable, it’s clear Sami is very passionate about being a successful trainer and help dogs and owners have a better relationship. She is constantly looking for ways to learn and educates herself on other training perspectives. I would recommend Sami to any of my friends looking for a boarder or trainer! -Margot M. | Monty’s Owner