Where will my dog stay during training?

Your dog stays with me! Inside the comfort of my home, your dog is going to get training in a familiar setting of a warm and cozy home versus a facility with concrete walls. Your dog’s comfort and safety is my priority while they stay with me. When they are well behaved enough, they get to come on all the adventures with me and the canine caravan! 

What is your training style?

I use a balanced approach to give the dog a clear picture of what I’m asking for. I reward behaviors I like and I correct behaviors I don’t like. Think of it as being your dogs tour guide or life coach, giving guidance every step of the way to help them make better decisions in the future. I use e-collars, prong collars, martingales, slip leads, food, treats, crates, pet cots and treadmills in my training program.

Will I receive updates while my dog is with you?

Yes! I post daily or semi-daily to my instagram and send text message updates with pictures and videos. Your dog is a part of your family, I would be sad too if I didn’t get to see them at all for 3 whole weeks!

Will the prong collar or e-collar hurt my dog?

Absolutely not! The prong collar was actually designed by a veterinarian to take pressure off the trachea, studies show that this is probably the safest collar you can use on your dog. I prefer to go slow with prong collars, teaching the dog leash pressure first before introducing this tool.
I teach the e-collar with low-level stim, similar to a TENS unit. This sensation feels more like a tingle than a hot sharp shock from a cheap collar. This type of low-level work is incredibly effective and gentle enough for any dog. 

Do you help dogs who have bitten before?

Yes, I have worked with plenty that have bitten dogs and humans before. I specialize in behavioral modification and rehabilitation to help families deal with their issues including reactivity, aggression, resource guarding, separation anxiety, and even human aggression. These established techniques prioritize educating you, the dog owners. I have a deep understanding of canine behavior, coupled with extensive experience. This enables me to adapt my approach as I work with each dog and their owner.